Meet the Doctors

All professionals at Family Medicine Clinic of Grace Family Health, Inc. maintain the highest levels of accreditation and pursue ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in the medical field. Read on to learn more about our staff's experience and training.



About Medical Director:  Lily Phillips, MD  - Family Medicine & Regenerative Medicine.  

Dr. Phillips graduated with Departmental Honors from UCLA with B.S. in Physiological Sciences.  She then graduated with distinction with her M.D. from USC Keck School of Medicine before receiving whole-person care training via Family Medicine Residency at Loma Linda University.

Dr. Phillips was a recipient of UCLA's prestigious Presidental Undergraduate Fellowship Award for her research at the UCLA Brain Research Institute, where she conducted neuromuscular studies and published results in journals.  Dr. Phillips' world-class education never stops, as she continues to acquire knowledge and skills in workshops and courses to bring the latest innovations home to her patients.  Her clinical expertise include evidence-based natruceutical, anti-aging and functional medicine as well as orthobiologic regenerative medicine via ultrasound guided injections- precisely delivering our body's own healing cells to accelerate the repair of damaged tissue. 

Dr. Phillips has a big heart, and she looks for opportunities to change lives, one at a time, whether here with her patients, in her personal life among family and friends, or overseas in medical missions. She enjoys passing on the art of healing to future doctors, and serves as an adjunct clinical professor for multiple professional schools like: UC Riverside, Loma Linda, USC, and UCLA.



About Physician:  Dr. Kyle Meyer - Sports Medicine & Non-Surgical Orthopedics



Dr. Meyer is a Board Certified Sports Medicine and Non-Surgical Orthopedics specialist. He is an expert in treating pediatric, teen, and adult sports injuries such as concussions, bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries. He also treats chronic conditions, such as arthritis, shoulder, knee, hip, neck and back pain. He uses traditional therapies, like splinting, bracing, casting, physical therapy, and home exercise programs, in conjunction with cutting edge technologies such as ultrasound-guided injections and shockwave therapy.


After medical school at Midwestern University in Arizona and Family Medicine Residency at Rutgers University in New Jersey, Dr. Meyer received Ivy-League specialty education via a Sports Medicine Fellowship at The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Meyer has worked closely with athletes on the field for years, including the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team, and NFL Super Bowl LII Champion Philadelphia Eagles.  Dr. Meyer is an avid sports fan of Football, Hockey, and Basketball, and he is very excited to bring the state of the art in Sports Medicine to the Temecula Murrieta Area.




About Physician Assistant:  Robert Phillips, PA -  Dermatology 

Before Dermatology, Robert proudly served on the battlefield in the US Army in the 1990's as medic. After the Army, he received Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from UCI (University of California at Irvine) and completed the Physician Assistant Program at Western University of Health Sciences in 1998. 

In his 18+ years in dermatology, Robert has seen over 150,000 dermatology appointments and performed over 60,000 skin procedures.  He is certified as a Dipolmat Fellow of the SDPA (Society of Dermatolgoy PAs), an AAPA recognized specialty program.  He is also trained to use a dermatoscope to carefully visualize skin lesions, which increases early detection of skin cancer.

Robert has over 5 years of experience in cosmetic dermatology and continues to make the latest advances available to our patients via regular hands-on training with renown industry leading physicians.  He has achieved excellent results using many anti-aging innovations such as Laser (IPL, CO2, Erbium), Botox, Fillers, MicroNeedling w/ PRP, Autolgous Fat Fransfer, miraDry treatments, chemical peels, and acne therapy.  



About Physician Assistant:  Tiffany Kaufman, PA-C -  Family Medicine & Women's Health

Tiffany has practiced medicine full time as a Physician Assistant since 2003.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed the PA program at Novasoutheastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she also obtained a Master's degree in Public Health. 
Tiffany has 9 years of clinical experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology and 9 years in Family Medicine and Urgent Care. She cares deeply for our patients and has keen clinical insights. She derives great joy from restoring folks to good health and she works closely as a team with our outstanding team of highly skilled physicians to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.  
Dr. Phillips jokingly and accurately refers to Tiffany as our provider with "100% adoration rate" because every patient who has ever met her have loved the care they received.  



About Nurse Practitioner: Kim Corcoran -  Family Medicine


Kim has worked in the hospital as a nurse in cardiac and orthopedic units since 2012. She is a graduate of master program from Cal State San Marcos, and board certified as a Nurse Practitioner in family practice. 

Kim is a caring healer and goes above and beyond in looking for ways to optimize health and prevent disease, as well as treating the whole patient by empowering patients to live healthy lifestyles and to heal from the inside out.



About Nurse Practitioner: Michele Broad, FNP -  Family Medicine & Women's Health


Michele is a UCLA-trained nurse practitioner with 25 years of experience. She is certified in both Adult Medicine and Gynecology and has a passion for Women's Health.

Michelle is well liked by many patients because she cares, and she her kind demeanor and clear communication makes her an effective clinician in achieving and restoring health for our patients.



About Nurse Practitioner:  Heather Cortez, FNP -  Family Medicine & Cardiology


Heather has many years of high-level nursing experience, working in the ICU and Cardiac Cath Lab. She then pursued a Master's Degree in Nurse Practitioner from Walden University. As a nurse practitioner, she has years of experience both in Family Medicine and in Cardiology practices.
Heather is highly skilled in primary care, urgent care, and in the management of cardiovascular diseases, and she looks forward to partnering with our patients to proactively prevent illneses and uphold their quality of life via risk reduction and optimizing health and vitality for every patient we serve.




About Nurse Practitioner:  Jenta Kunkle, FNP  -  Family Medicine


Jenta graduated with honors from Cal State San Marcos, and worked for years as an RN in Telemetry, before pursuing her Master degree in Nurse Practitioner studies at Samuel Merritt University. 
Jenta is compassionate, intelligent, and pays close attention to detail. She is in medicine for the right reasons and she will partner with our patients for their rapid recovery and optimal health.


About Nurse Practitioner:  Jennifer Sickels, FNP  -  Family Medicine

Jennifer worked as a registered nurse since 2013 before earning her Master's Degree from the University of Maryville St. Louis, as a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She is already a familiar face with our practice as she has worked with Dr. Phillips at Ageless Grace performing aesthetic treatments for the past year. We are excited to utilize her expertise in family practice and urgent care, too! 
Jennifer considers helping others as her life's purpose. She enjoys forming collaborative relationships with patients and developing individual plans for achieving optimal health and wellness.