Do I need a referral to make an appointment? 

No, you do not need a referral to make an appointment with either a primary physician or a physician assistant.

We are currently accepting new patients.  However, for your visit to be covered through your insurance please contact your insurance provider to understand the terms of your policy and ensure that you are covered for the visit.

What should I bring to my appointments? 

  1. Insurance Card and a method of payment for your co-pay; and please arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointment time to check in.
  2. List of medications and dosages, or bottles of all of your medications and/or vitamins.
  3. A copy of any recent lab, Xray, or other test results
  4. A list of questions, symptoms to discuss with the doctor.

How is the doctor-patient relationship different here, compared to other hospitals or clinics? 

We believe that our staff members are leaders in providing patient-focused care. We take the time to listen to patients’ concerns and address any questions they may have. We are a physician’s clinic that values all of our patients and appreciate the long-lasting trust based relationships we create with them.

What is your cancellation policy? 

We require a 24 hour notice to cancel all appointments. Please be sure to contact us if you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment with your medical doctor to avoid having to pay a cancellation fee. 

How can I get a hold of my doctor or physician assistant? 

We take pride in our doctor-patient relationships and schedule appointment time for you to get your questions answered at the appointment.

If you need to get in touch with your medical doctor or physician assistant in between appointments, please contact our main office to leave a message, or send us a message through our secure online patient portal once you are signed up and logged in, or schedule another appointment.  During evenings and weekends, our answering service can reach the on call physician for clarification, however, if you are sick during our closed hours, you will need to visit a local urgent care or emergency room. 

How do you notify your patients of lab or test results? 

In the electronic check-in process, there is an opportunity to answer how you would like to be notified regarding any test or lab results.

We are usually able to notify patients within 24-48 hours of receiving results. If you are not notified after 1 week of doing the test, then please contact our office. 

Will I be able to get copies of my test results? 

Yes, upon request we are able to provide you copies with your test results either by mail, in person, or via the patient portal.  However, if you have abnormal results, we prefer to optimize your personalized care by discussing results in person at a follow-up appointment to further diagnose or treat issues discovered on the tests.

Do you allow urgent or same day appointments? 

We do set aside time for urgent same-day appointments.  Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

However, if you are having a life-threatening emergency, please dial 9-1-1, or go directly to the nearest emergency. 

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