The Importance of Continuing to See Your Primary Care Doctor During COVID-19

It’s understandable if you’ve overlooked your own routine health care during the scare of COVID-19. 

While it’s important to take actions to avoid getting COVID-19, it’s just as important to keep your body as healthy as possible with regular preventive care and maintenance of chronic conditions.

Having a primary care physician (PCP) gives you an edge in being healthy. Adults who have a relationship with a primary care provider have 19% lower odds of premature death than patients who have limited their visits to specialists. 

Lily Phillips, MD, and our staff here at Grace Family Health in California, provide expert primary care services. Dr. Phillips and her team are dedicated to ensuring that you remain as healthy as possible by evaluating your risk of disease and intervening early on. 

We work to ensure that you remain as healthy as possible while taking every recommended COVID-19 precaution to ensure that the offices of Grace Family Health are safe for everyone.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to continue seeing your primary care physician during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preventive care reveals problems early on

Primary care works to prevent, diagnose, and care for your medical conditions as early as possible. This can give you the best chance for living a healthy life by controlling risks and preventing complications from chronic diseases. 

For some patients, avoiding medical care can be more life-threatening than the risk of catching COVID-19. That’s why you should maintain a schedule of recommended screenings and vaccinations through your primary care physician’s office.

Controlling chronic conditions can help you avoid complications

If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, you may have a higher risk of complications if you become sick with COVID-19. 

Continuing to see your primary care physician is important in keeping these conditions controlled and preventing the problems that can arise because of factors such as lifestyle changes or stress. 

Your primary care physician can give you advice on ways to ensure that you stay healthy between visits. They can also refer you to the appropriate specialists when necessary to ensure that you get the care you need as quickly as possible. This can give you the best chance of fighting COVID-19 should you become infected.

Primary care physicians can provide coordinated care 

Continuing to see your primary care physician establishes a relationship on which you can depend in case you require medical services for COVID-19 or any other condition. 

Your primary care physician serves as your guide to the health care system and your advocate when issues come up. If you have a managed care health insurance plan, such as an HMO, your insurer will require that your primary care physician act as a gatekeeper to other health care services. 

Maintaining regular checkups helps your primary care physician stay current on your condition so they can provide appropriate services when you need them. This can be valuable if you develop a complicated medical problem that requires multiple specialists, hospital care, rehabilitation services, and prescriptions. 

Your primary care physician can ensure that all the moving parts work together for your well-being.

You can count on your trusted relationship with your PCP

Connecting with your primary care physician can give you peace of mind if you’re unsure about your risk for COVID-19 or any other health issue. 

Your primary care physician knows you and your medical history. They’ve observed how you behave when you’re healthy and when you’re sick and can use that relationship in determining your overall well-being. 

Having a relationship with your primary care provider can also be valuable in accessing mental health services. Living with the “new normal” can be stressful and may trigger feelings of depression or anxiety that you may feel more comfortable discussing with a trusted provider who can recommend appropriate services.

Your PCP can ensure that you get care for urgent health problems

Continuing to see your primary care physician can also help you determine appropriate care for non-emergency problems that arise. 

Your primary care physician can determine the severity of your issue and refer you to the appropriate specialist or diagnostic services when necessary. Should you develop symptoms of COVID-19, your primary care physician can ensure that you get the testing and care you need. 

Take care of yourself by scheduling a visit with a primary care physician at Grace Family Health today. Call or use our online booking tool to schedule an appointment at the location that’s most convenient for you.

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