Do You Know the 5 Heart Health Symptoms Never to Ignore?

Your heart pumps blood, which carries precious resources like oxygen throughout your body. Heart problems are serious health events, even when they don't show up accompanied by showy symptoms like intense pain in your chest.

At Grace Family Health, our care team, expertly led by Lily Phillips, MD is here to help you with cardiac health concerns year-round. This May, as we observe Heart Health Awareness Month, refresh your knowledge of what cardiac symptoms to pay attention to – right away.

1. Discomfort in your chest

Even though not everyone experiences chest pains during a heart attack – especially among women – discomfort in the chest is still the most common sign of heart problems, including heart attacks and blocked arteries. You may feel pinching or burning sensations, or you may have a sense of pressure on your chest. Check with your doctor about all chest pains, but seek medical attention right away if they last for more than a few minutes without easing.

2. Unexplained fatigue or exhaustion

Though we all get tired sometimes, sudden or unusual exhaustion or fatigue can indicate something wrong with your heart, especially if you're female. Suddenly feeling fatigued or out of breath for no real reason is a good reason to schedule a medical check-up soon.

Feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness that persist even if you sit down or get a bite to eat can also be a warning sign for pressing heart concerns. Get medical support right away if your dizziness is sudden-onset, and you also have symptoms like shortness of breath or pain in your chest at the same time.

3. Swelling in your feet or legs

One of the reasons why you could see significant swelling in your legs, feet, or ankles is heart failure, but this symptom can also be caused by a range of other conditions. Still, depending on your other symptoms and the persistence and severity of this condition, you might not want to take it lightly. Dr. Phillips can help to diagnose the cause of swelling in your lower extremities and let you know if your heart might be failing.

4. Pain in your arms, back, or stomach

Pain in your arms is a classic symptom of a heart attack, especially if it seems to spread or radiate. However, heart problems could also cause pain or discomfort in your back or stomach. Women are particularly likely to have stomach symptoms during a heart attack.

5. Irregular heartbeat rhythms

Although some people live healthy lives with abnormal heartbeat rhythms, arrhythmias often indicate more serious problems. If you notice your heart racing, slowing, or skipping beats, seek medical attention immediately.

If you're worried about heart health symptoms, consult with Dr. Phillips at Grace Family Health right away. You can book your appointment at our Murrieta, Menifee, and Temecula, California offices over the phone, or by using the online tool.

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