How to Take Years Off Your Face With Botox and Dermal Fillers

You might be surprised how big a role your face plays in determining your visible age. Signs of facial aging, including wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, and sagging skin, contribute significantly to a premature older appearance. By making just a few tweaks in your face to address these concerns, you can seemingly work the magic of turning back the clock. Cosmetic procedures including Botox® and dermal fillers work to remove visible signs of aging, giving you back your youthful glow.


For the best cosmetic results and the most natural anti-aging interventions, you want a care team you can trust to give you expert advice and treatment. At Grace Family Health, Lily Phillips, MD directs a team of experienced providers that can guide you to the right treatment options for you.


What can you treat with Botox and fillers?


As you age, your appearance naturally changes in several ways. Changes in your facial muscle tone and skin elasticity allow wrinkles and fine lines to begin to form. As your skin becomes thinner and saggier, it lies closer to the bones of your skull, aging your look potentially beyond your years.


Both Botox and fillers work to erase these signs of facial aging. You can use these cosmetic procedures to treat facial wrinkles and lines in areas, including:



After you get Botox or dermal fillers, your skin will appear fuller, without visible wrinkles. Because Botox and fillers work a little differently, though, it's important to choose the right procedure for your specific health care needs and aesthetic goals.


How to choose the right treatment option


At Grace Family Health, we offer multiple types of cosmetic dermatology and facial rejuvenation treatment, so we can deliver the results you're seeking, including:



The natural-looking effects of Botox last for several months and then fade without any further intervention. We can perform maintenance appointments to keep your look youthful and fresh. Fillers are removable, so you can adjust your results as needed to perfectly meet your appearance goals.

To find out if Botox or dermal fillers could be the right way to transform your look this spring, contact Grace Family Health. You can book your appointment at one of our Murrieta, Temecula and Menifee, California, offices over the phone or by using the online scheduling tool.

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